Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New logo: Space

Space is a Canadian cable channel dedicated science fiction, horror and mystery programming. It is essentially the Canadian equivalent of Syfy, with which it shares plenty of programmes. Yesterday, March 4, it launched a new look, built on the tagline "It's all around you". Space is owned by Bell Media, and as is customary everything was created by the in-house Bell Media Agency.

The new logo is a straight-forward circle with the channel name placed somewhat off center. On screen, the logo get incorporated into various creative circle motifs that reflect the programming. The idea is to dilute the notion that the channel is all about outer space and bring it back to earth.

Previous logo.

An earlier Space logo.

"The goal with this rebrand was to move the core idea of the channel out of outer space and bring it into the world here on Earth. We wanted to separate it from the old notions of niche sci-fi, and instead celebrate and embrace the mainstream appeal of genre programming. This programming is imaginative entertainment that’s smart and sexy, and we wanted the brand to reflect the same contemporary and trendsetting attitude that our audience possesses. The Bell Media Agency led by Jon Arklay truly did an outstanding job of bringing this vision to life." - Bell Media executive director of marketing Justin Stockman

Press release (archive)


  1. The spanish channel “Energy“ had changed its on-air look yesterday.

  2. Looks similar to the new USA Today logo.

  3. The new logo sucks. It reminds me of the W network. Its in no way cool at all. Its like they wanted to make it "sissy space" . At least the previous one had some talent and design to it. This one looks like a 5 year old stuck a lame font into a circle and gave to daddy.

  4. I also think the new branding, direction and logo are awful. Looks like a first year graphic design students work