Thursday, March 28, 2013

New logo: UKTV

UKTV is a British broadcaster owned by the BBC and private investors to operate a series of channel's that provide a second outlet for BBC programming. Launched with just one channel in 1992, it expanded over time include a portfolio of ten channel's. Between 2007 and 2009, the company embarked on a strategy to turn these channels into stand-alone brands and removing links to the parent company. This month it announced that it would backtrack slightly on that measure and reintroduce UKTV as a brand for use in cross promotion and corporate communication.

This is done in the form a turquoise cloud logo, designed by Landor Associates. The brief called for a "bold new identity that represents UKTV’s internal and external culture and purpose". The individual channel brands will remain unchanged.

Previous logo.

The rebrand was announced on March 19 and launched on March 26.

"Imagination and challenging convention is at the heart of UKTV’s business so it was essential that this was reflected in our new identity. The new turquoise cloud-like logo has been designed to create a sense of energy and creativity, and allows people to interpret the form in their own way as it moves. The heart of UKTV’s ethos is to “Imagine more” which has now become our call to action." - Press release

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