Thursday, April 11, 2013

New logo: AccuWeather

AccuWeather is an American weather forecasting company, providing forecasts to media outlets around the country. This week, on April 8, it announced a new logo.

AccuWX's previous visual identity was a disorganized, with several different logos and a wordmark without much character. The new look tries to be more cohesive with a more limited range of lock-ups. It introduces a symbol in the form of the easily identifiable sun symbol used on weather maps. A "warm orange" was chosen as identity color, reflecting "warmth, friendliness, and trust".

One of several previous logos.

"The updated identity system prominently features a sun icon along with the "AccuWeather" name appearing in a warm orange tone. Orange was chosen as the new corporate color after extensive international research on color usage and meanings in various cultures. The orange tone is meant to reflect warmth, friendliness, and trust.

The sun icon will now serve to symbolize the brand in various digital venues, including smart phone and tablet applications and across social media. The clean, precise design of the sun, as well as the characters used to display the AccuWeather name, was created to help the logo better fit various sizes and applications in the digital world. The clean design is reflective of the brand's sharp focus on accuracy.
" - An article on AccuWeather's site

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