Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New logo: Marketwired

Marketwire is an American wire service that distributes press releases that also works in media monitoring and analytics. Yesterday, April 2, it announced that it would change it name to "Marketwired" to reflect its transition from a wire service to a social communications company. Analytics company Sysomos, which was acquired by Marketwire a few years ago, will be rebranded as Marketwired at the same time.

The previous logo was introduced less than a year ago, in May last year, and the rationale was essentially the same. Now, the change is described as "an evolution from wire service to wired company". The logo is somewhat inspired by its predecessor, but more complicated and three-dimensional. The initials M and W are more pronounced than before.

Previous logo.

Marketwire logo before 2012.

A rebrand video:

Some application mock-ups:

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  1. What an appalling waste of a great (2012 edition) logo that won a ton of awards and positioned MW as the de-facto source for traditional PR distribution and social media analysis. And the addition of "D" to the name? Way to ditch decades of brand equity.

  2. Why a re-do so soon? The other one had an element of class, this new one is ... flash in the pan? Seems like they're rearranging deck chairs at that company.

  3. It is apparent this company is making knee jerk reactions to changing market conditions. The press release business is dying, social media is the shiny new object to offer point solutions for, new executive teams, failed product launches, total re-org. They have a serious identity crises and they are just throwing band aid solutions at the problems.