Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New logo: Sanoma

Sanoma is a leading media group in Finland where it owns several newspapers, magazines and television networks. Over time its has expanded through acquisitions and is now active in Belgium, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries and several countries in Eastern Europe. Earlier this month it launched a new corporate identity under the tagline "Get the World". The identity was developed by Danish agency E-Types.

The logo can be presented as a puzzle where the six letters that make up the name are separated from each other. It comes with a re-imaged colour palette and a custom typeface called The Message (sanoma is Finnish for message).

Previous logo.

The previous symbol was introduced in 1999 when the current conglomerate formed through a merger, initally named SanomaWSOY. The name was shortened in 2008, and the logo adapted accordingly.

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Markkinointi ja Mainonta

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