Friday, April 26, 2013

New logo: TV 2 News

TV 2 is Denmark's largest commercially funded broadcaster, owned by the state. In addition to the bulletins on its main channel it has operated a successful news channel called TV 2 News since 2006. Recently, a new look has been introduced across the news channel, its news bulletins and sports broadcasts. It was created in-house by TV 2 Design.

New logos for all brands adopt a glossy three-dimensional version of TV 2's main logo. All logos come in two variants, on with a semi-transparent rectangle in the background and one without. DIN Next Pro is the typeface used for text in graphics etc.

The logos are supported by colour-coded moving globes as a secondary element that appears in intros and graphics. The news channel globe has grey metallic look, the main news bulletin globe is a warmer red with more texture and the sports globe is blue with a subtle football pattern.

The new look made its début on the news channel on March 2. It was extended to the bulletins for the primary channel when it got a new studio this week, on April 24. The studio was designed by Simon Jago, who has also designed studios for the BBC, Al-Jazeera and Sky.

Previous logo.

All the new logos:

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A montage of new graphics:

The three globes:

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  1. Wow, that desk is so BBC News.

  2. The warmer red globe doesn't show the border of two countries: Montenegro (which exists since 2006) and South Sudan (since 2011).

    This indirectly implies that the channel is not reactive to the news, strange for a channel specializing in this area ..

  3. You could feature this logo too

  4. The sports one kinda reminds me of the one from The Day Today.
    There will be a new channel, called TV2 Fri (a lifestyle channel dedicated to, err... free time) next May 8th. Oh, and this month, TVP Rozrywka, a new entertainment channel opened in Poland.