Monday, April 15, 2013

New logo: Voya

The US operations of the Dutch financial group ING are about to be spun off into a separate company. As part of the that spin-off, it was announced last Thursday that ING U.S. would change its name to Voya Financial.

The name Voya was chosen through a regular naming process involving hundreds of names. It sounds a bit like the word "voyage", a the press release revealing the new name starts off by talking about how the company can help its costumers on a "voyage toward greater financial preparedness". As for the logo, its goodbye to the ING lion, but the signature orange color remains.

The new name and logo won't launch until the company has become independent, and that isn't scheduled to happen until next year. Interbrand reportedly aided in the name selection (awaiting confirmation that they were also behind the logo design).

The ING logo.

Press release
Brand page

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