Friday, May 17, 2013

New logo: Cellular Line

Cellular Italia is an Italian company that markets accessories for smartphones and tablets under the brand Cellular Line. Back in February, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company unveiled a new visual identity that it hopes will help it expand in Europe. The new identity was created by Futurebrand.

After the researching the market, Futurebrand simplified the logo and created a new packaging system, colour-coded based on three branded segments, "Charge & Utility", "Voice & Music" and "Protection & Style", communicating a creating product hierarchy.

Previous logo.

"The logo has been redesigned to be more sharp and familiar at the same time: simplicity and clarity are the fundamental features of this renovation that led to the elimination of the oval shape and to the reinterpretation of the red colour with a new and distinctive tone. The font is warmer, contemporary and the symbol has a new shape, squared on a side and smooth on the other and idealistically represent the signature of the brand as a statement of quality and product style.

The new design system grants a strong identity, clear and recognizable: a greater uniformity and coherence to the wide offer. The new pack has been levelled and reduced in size to obtain one of the most compact on the market in order to optimize and reduce the total volume of the shipments with an obvious cut of CO2 emissions. The key product features are enlightened in order to create a coherent offer and help end users to easily choose the products they need. By doing this it is possible to enhance the understanding of the product and of its use, to support the value and price perception and to help the understanding of the product performance and compatibility.
" - Cellular Line

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