Monday, May 13, 2013

New logo: Fusion

At the end of 2011, American television network ABC and its Spanish-language competitor Univision announced a partnership to launch a new news and lifestyle channel that would broadcast in English but primarily target a young Hispanic audience. The venture was nameless for over year until February when the partners announced that it would be called Fusion. Last week, on May 8, the logo for the new channel was unveiled.

The logo was designed by the Los Angeles-based agency Buster. Two quotes from executives on the logo design below:

"The logo is a powerful representation of Fusion’s identity. Our brand will reflect the attitude of millennials – shaped by a sense of unity with a voice that’s fun, fresh and even irreverent." - Fusion's interim president Beau Ferrari

"This shape is bold, evolving and engaging. It is an iconic stamp that will be instantly recognizable." - VP and creative director Michael Berkman

ABC News (archive)

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  1. But the Buster website doesn't mention nothing about Fusion.