Thursday, May 9, 2013

New logo: Universal Channel

Universal Channel is an international entertainment brand with several channels around the world, operated by NBCUniversal to provide an outlet for its vast production of entertainment programming. On April 28, it got a new look in Asia, which was quickly rolled out to South Africa (May 3) and Hungary (May 5) with the rest of the world said to follow during 2013. The new look was developed as a collaboration between NBCUniversal International Television, broadcast branding specialist Lee Hunt and Red Bee Media in London.

With the new look comes a new tagline, 100% Characters, which clearly reinforces NBCUniversal's intention to give Universal Channel a position similar to the USA Network in the States. "Characters Welcome" is presumably a bit too ambiguous and hard to translate for an international audience. The aim was to create something "simple and intuitive" that works across the globe. Visually, the channel gone from broad range of bright colours to a primarily purple look. The new logo has lost the map of the Americas and is much tighter kerned

Previous logo.

The previous logo was a part of set of logos designed for several NBCUniversal channels that were introduced in 2010. Heavenly also created the on-air branding package for Universal Channel at the time.

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