Friday, June 14, 2013

Adobe (1993)

Tomorrow, it will be twenty years since Adobe started a minor revolution in desktop publishing with the release of the Adobe Acrobat software and its Portable Documents Format (PDF) that allowed us to package and send digital copies of documents that looked the same on all computers. An innovation that we now take for granted. Around that time, the company also introduced a new corporate logo that has been with the company ever since.

The old logo was very typical of a software company in the 80s. The new logo kept the A from that logo, made it white and put it in a red rectangle. The company name was written in a narrow variation of Myriad, the corporate typeface that they had designed.

The old Adobe logo, used before 1993.

Adobe had a very different presence back then. Although the maker of PostScript had already established itself among graphic designers and publishers, Adobe software was not as ubiquitous as it is today. PhotoShop 2.5, the first version with Windows support, had been released earlier that year, Illustrator 4.0 was facing competition from both FreeHand and CorelDraw, desktop publishing was dominated by QuarkXpress and the crucial acquisitions of Aldus and Macromedia were yet to happen. This logo has been with the company as it grew to its current dominant position.

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An ad for the launch of Acrobat.

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    Its former brand and on-air graphics were made by TOCH.