Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Back in May it was announced the United Kingdom would get a new television channel called Drama, which, as the name suggests, would be primarily dedicated to drama series. The logo was revealed at the same time. It was created by DixonBaxi, who have also devised the channel idents that were released recently.

The channel launches on July 8 with 14 idents and 10 stings featuring everyday scenes with a cinematic feeling. The series plays on the tensions between the two sides of drama, which DixonBaxi has defined as the "idyllic" (beautiful, pastoral settings) and "intrigue" (exciting plots). The idents are punctuated by the logo with its three-dimensional D mark, which also plays on the two interdependent sides of drama.

DixonBaxi collaborated with The Mill for post-production and Massive Music for audio design.

"We developed a creative strategy that focussed the positioning of the channel and also reflected the two sides to drama. The shows tend to take place in beautiful, pastoral landscapes while they seem to also be the host of unsavoury crimes, tragedy, romance, comedy and suspense. Looking at both the emotional and functional elements of brand we refined it down to the overlap between the 'idyllic' and 'intrigue' and the natural tension between these two narratives.

The 10 idents, 14 channel stings and graphics package take place in everyday, real life settings. Warm, familiar, local. They feature a series of beautiful, cinematic single shots which in combination create a sense of drama - always seen through our lens. Although familiar scenes, they have a delicious ambiguity which plays on our tension between 'idyllic' and 'intrigue'. There is an edge, but it's never dangerous or too foreboding. A gentle menace, a romantic yearning, a battle of wits. It's still safe, lovable and enjoyable... with a twist.
" - DixonBaxi

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  1. Xtrm (read as extreme), a Spanish channel devoted to action, horror and sci-fi movies and series, has been rebranded by Estudio Lumbre in argentina and the in-house team of chello-multicanal last wednesday.