Friday, June 21, 2013

New(-ish) logo: ABC

ABC, one of the major TV networks in the United States, started rolling out a new on-air identity in late May as it gears up for the 2013-14 television season. This includes a refreshed treatment of its logo.

The logo for the American Broadcasting Company was created in 1962 by Paul Rand. An elegant solution with letters based on circles (inspired by Bauhaus?) have made it a design classic that stands the test of time. ABC has used it with a variety of colors and chrome coatings as TV graphics developed, but the integrity of the logo itself never changed.

Last time the logo was given a new treatment was in 2007 when an on-air graphics package created by Troika Design Group in Los Angeles was introduced. It gave the logo an oblate spheroid shape (a.k.a. the shape of Smarties or M&M's) with a complex surface involving glares and reflections.

The new version is flatter, with simpler gradients on the black disc. It changes color depending of the time of day and program type. The primetime version has a hint of yellow, while the news version is blue, daytime is pink and late night is green.

Previous logo.

New network ID.

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Prime time version of the new logo.

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