Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New logo: EyeMed Vision Care

EyeMed Vision Care is an American company that provides "vision benefits", meaning that those who are covered by its insurances get discount on eye care and eyeware through businesses within its vast network. It is owned by the Luxottica group, who manufacture frames and sunglasses under several brands and operates several retail chains. Notably, they are the current owners of the Ray-Ban brand. Recently, Lippincott designed a new visual identity for the EyeMed.

"Lippincott was asked to partner on this journey of creating their new identity that would allow EyeMed to cut through the noise within the vision care market and would differentiate them from competitors. We understood that in order to develop strong advocacy for members to use their benefits meant that they needed to enhance their communications in a much richer, people friendly way. By making the members experience simpler and easier to understand, the goal was to encourage greater use and engagement with eye care and its impact on overall wellness.

Based on this rationale and strategy, we developed a more emotive brand language that reflected the true internal culture of the organization that allowed employees to express their personality and be recognized for this both within Luxottica Group, and more importantly, by their customers and members.
- Lippincott

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