Monday, June 17, 2013

New logo: NPO

The public broadcasting system in the Netherlands has always been organised in a unusual way with several broadcasters, both private foundations and state-controlled entities, providing programmes for its many channels. These days, the system is controlled by the umbrella organisation Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO). As public broadcasting has faced increasing competition and economic troubles, there has been a move merge several of these organisation and create a more unified identity, slowly moving to a system more like the rest of Europe.

As part of this process, the NPO announced earlier this year that the various channels would have their names changed to include the NPO brand. While this is yet to happen, last week the NPO introduced a new logo as it launched a new website.

There's doesn't seem to have been any statements made about why the new logo was adopted. Its distinctive diamond shape has been used to identify public TV in the Netherlands for about ten years.

Previous logo.

The previous logo was introduced in 2007, when the name NPO was adopted.

The current logos of the Dutch public television channels. (These are not new)

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