Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New logo: Corbion

Corbion is the new name for a Dutch company that produces biobased products for ingredients and packaging, formerly known as CSM. It recently divested its bakery products division, which kept the CSM name.

The new name was unveiled on June 18, and the visual identity was developed by VBAT.

CSM logo.

There's also a special "Meet Corbion" website where you can see the logo in motion.

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Corbion on its new logo:

"The two organic shapes in close orbit with each other represent Corbion's role as the agile partner for companies looking for innovative biobased solutions. Collaboration leads to new perspectives.

But it conveys more: a sense of movement, as we are constantly seeking for new ways to create innovative and sustainable solutions that meet today's and tomorrow's needs of our costumers, and their costumers. Constant curiosity leads to dynamic new discoveries.

Corbion on its new name:

"The new company name and brand reflect the overall positioning of our company. They communicate our new strategy, our route for the future. They encapsulate all our activities, embrace our mission, vision and values, and our desired image.

Collaboration is key in our company name, as well as biobased (products). And they are there for a reason. We continue to work in partnership together with out costumers and colleagues to create value with biobased solutions, meeting the growing demand for safe, healthy, and convenient products. We have an excellent track record in delivering world-class biobased solutions around the world: high-quality biobased solutions around the world; high-quality biobased products at a good price, and produced in a sustainable way. The expertise we have developed in ingredient and biobased technologies has paved the road for the transformation journey we are on.

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Press release (archive)
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