Friday, July 12, 2013

New logo: Hightail

YouSendIt, the web service we all use to send large files, announced this week, July 10, that it was changing its name to Hightail. No design credit given, but a video that accompanied the launch suggests it was at least partly done in-house.

The company says it wants to be about more than file sharing. The existing highly functional name, just like competing cloud storage services (Dropbox, Skydrive and several combinations of cloud, drop, send and file). It was also seen as limiting, while the new more aspirational name is broader.

Read more at Fast Company.

Update: Design Week reports that the name was developed with Siegel+Gale, while the identity design was done in-house.

Previous logo.

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A bunch of logo sketches.

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  2. it's awesome how all this guys love the "steve jobs" concept, and of course, apple's product videos. All right, you have a small/medium firm so: make a video with a lot of daylight, tell a story with the people of your company and talk about your product through life experiences (sharing, talking, listening)... excellent, you're a startup!

    i think "yousendit" was a totally remarkable name, as is easy to remember (it was the top of mind to me). hightail and the brand new logo could be anything like tailoring, a reaturant, a sportbrand... They're going to need a lot of advertising to put that generic brand in the mind of the consumers. anyway, it looks nice.