Friday, July 5, 2013

New logo: Telecom Egypt

Telecom Egypt is the incumbent telecommunications company in Egypt, established in its current form in 1998. Apparently unaware of the impending coup-d'etat, it introduced a new logo this week.

The new logo is said to reflect a "dynamic and fast-paced environment". It introduces a symbol built on the initials T and E and some sort of forward-looking symbol.

Previous logo.

"Throughout its 159 year history, Telecom Egypt has strived to meet the needs of its customers. Connecting Egyptians from Aswan to Alexandria and throughout generations, Telecom Egypt has developed a reputation for delivering high quality, efficient services built on its heritage and leveraging it s experienced team.

During this time, telecommunications services in Egypt have evolved significantly and they now play a critical role in supporting the ambitions of Egyptians throughout the different stages of their personal and business lives. Telecom Egypt’s new logo reflects this dynamic and fast-paced environment. It represents the multiple aspects of life, family and career, through a modern and simple new design, while maintaining the identity and authenticity of the company’s name and the colors o f the Egyptian flag.

Egypt has a long and distinguished history, a unique geographic location, strong market and vibrant and ambitious citizens. Telecom Egypt is proud to announce its new logo and stands alongside its customers as we look towards a bright future.
" - Press release

Telecom Egypt

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