Monday, September 9, 2013

New logo: Kanal 5

Kanal 5 is one of Denmark's most watched television channels and the flagship channel of broadcaster SBS, which is now owned by Discovery Communications. In August, the channel launched a new logo, a straight-forward numeral in a red square.

Previous logo.

This change brings Kanal 5 in line with its sister channels which are all using numerals in different simple holding shapes. A pink "curvilinear square" for women's channel Kanal 4, a blue square with rounded corners for men's channel 6'eren and a sphere for youth channel 7'eren.

Update September 25: The new identity was designed by Danish broadcast design agency Timeline.

"In the world of broadcasting it is a prestigious and big job to renew the entire identity of a well-established TV channel. Therefore is was an honour for Timeline be responsible for reviving and relaunching the new identity for Kanal 5 – one of the most successful broadcast channels in Denmark in resent years. Timeline developed a modern, welcoming, inspiring and entertaining identity bringing the look of the channel to the same quality as its content." - Timeline



  1. Funny how Kanal 5's old logo had the same idea of a trapezium like the France 2 channel logo!

    Also funny to see that Kanal 7 followed these basic tutorials for beginners we find everywhere for years on how to make a generic glossy "web 2.0" button =p

  2. The new logo is positively Russian (makes it look vaguely like Petersburg: Channel 5).
    Also: New logo for Latvian channel LTV 1: it's crap! They just fattened it up!
    Also, they FINALLY changed the Panorama intros... I just like the music.

  3. Take a look at how LTV 1 changed throughout the years:
    LTV 1 and 2/7 logos, used from 1996 to 2002:
    The LTV 1 and 7 logos from 2002 to 2006 are on the same link as well, and also at the end of this closedown video, which I assume that it was used as late as 2008:
    The LTV logo at the end doubled as being LTV's corporate logo.
    (At this point, LTV 2 was renamed LTV 7 for unknown reasons)
    LTV 1 got a new look in 2006:
    Here's another anthem video, from 2008 + LTV 1 alternative ident from 2008:
    The current look was introduced in 2011:
    Only to be sucked up the the new, fatter version.
    Here is Panorama's intro from 2006 (I guess) to the latest 2013 rebrand:
    Here's the current intro:
    Morning Panorama, complete with clock 30 minutes in and some LTV 1 idents every 30 minutes:
    The channel carries on using their 2006 slogan (See more).