Friday, September 6, 2013

New logo: Milk

Milk is a new London-based visual effects studio, founded a few months ago by people formerly employed by The Mill with experience from several major films and TV series on their CVs. The visual identity launched this week and was developed by SomeOne, who were involved in all aspects of the creation of the identity and its launch.

The new identity was inspired by the fact that creating special effects is a task that evolves during the project, with new ideas or directors being introduced. This is expressed in the form of a series of "squiggly tubes", referencing both pipes through which you'd pump milk and the smooth and a constantly altering workflow.

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"Creating special effects for any large TV series or Hollywood production is not a straightforward affair. With goalposts moving daily, new briefs, directors and producers arriving along the journey... creating truly stunning visual effects for the next blockbuster isn't just about creative muscle, it's a delicate dance where flexibility and efficiency are Paramount (and Universal — Geddit?).

So the new visual language created for Milk was one of a series of complex, squiggly (if that is a word) tubes... not only do these reference the pipes used to pump milk around the dairy, but are a metaphorical nod to the intelligent systems in place at the organisation to ensure projects flow smoothly through the system.

Since winning the project we have been involved in creating colour systems, illustrations, animations, bespoke typefaces and copywriting — applied not only to primary branded surfaces, but all manner of giveaways... from micro USB sticks to bespoke notebooks... we wrote and created their launch advertising campaign and are continuing to work with them on managing the new branding.
" - SomeOne

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  1. I really like the thought process and execution here of the brand direction.