Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New logo: Orkla

Orkla is Norwegian company that owns a portfolio of consumer food and hygiene brands in the Nordic countries and adjacent regions. It started out 350 years ago as a mining company and has been a varied conglomerate that also used to include newspapers, but has streamlined its operations over time to focus on branded goods. To reflect this, the company unveiled a new logo yesterday, September 16, developed by Grid Design.

The new logo launches as the Orkla name will be more prominently used inside the company, replacing a bunch of local company names.

Previous logo.
"For us, the logo is a clear symbol of Orkla’s new direction and our ability to adapt. It symbolises innovation, energy and enthusiasm. We are committed to building and developing strong brands that maintain focus on consumers. Orkla’s goal is to improve everyday life with healthier, easier and more enjoyable local brands. Our new logo is designed to communicate warmth and proximity. At the same time, we want to make our aspirations clear – to be a star in the Nordic branded consumer goods markets" - president and CEO Åge Korsvold in a press release

Orkla (archive)

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