Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New logo: Iberia

Iberia is the national airline of Spain, incorporated in 1927 and still the country's largest airline. Today, it is owned by International Airlines Group, which also owns British Airways. After a few weeks of leaks to the press, the airline officially unveiled a new corporate identity today, due to launch in November. The rebrand was handled by Interbrand.

The previous identity with its IB mark and striped livery had survived ever since 1977 with only minor changes. The new logo evolves the mark into a tailfin, controversially dropping the royal crown in the process.

Previous logo.

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New livery.

"Iberia’s new image both symbolises and contributes its own momentum to the transformation plan, which aims at reshaping the company into a strong, modern, competitive and trend-setting airline. The launch of the new logo and livery is timed to coincide with the first fruits of these efforts.


Taking its inspiration from Spanish culture and its influence in the world, the new image is intended to convey an expressive, life-affirming and up-to-date message, reflecting the profound changes underway at Iberia.

The red and yellow of the Spanish flag remain prominent, with a starring role for red as symbol of Spain’s vitality, expressiveness, and art, and of the Spanish character. The design of the company’s IB code letters denotes agility, liveliness, and comfort. The new designs will appear progressively over the next few months on all Iberia graphic materials and supports at all points of contact with customers and staff.
" - Iberia press release

A video to introduce the new look (in Spanish):

"Inspired by the Spanish culture and its influence on the world, the evolution of the new identity has been realised in order to increase affinity with all the airline's audiences by building an expressive, vital and relevant discourse. The new Iberia brand identity reflects a truly a revived spirit of excitement and the determination to bring to life a true transformation. The Iberia brand new manifests new aspirations and strategic intent from a company with a great legacy that today boldly reinvents itself.

The new brand personality makes more prominent use of the colors of the Spanish flag, especially of the colour red. Research confirms red is appreciated as a symbol of vitality, expressiveness; of Spanish artistry and character. It is a colour which also perfectly represents perfectly the vital spirit of the new Iberia and of one of the most admired and creative cultures in the world.

As well as a distinctive use of the airline's legacy colours, a new symbol has been designed which is reminiscent of the company's IB initials and industry code letters, now streamlined to suggest concepts such as agility, dynamism and comfort. A symbol inspired in an "art of flying" concept, and rendered with ultimate attention to the importance of digitalization requirements. New graphs, typographies, textiles, materials, photographs and pictograms complete the new brand universe, which will be implemented gradually over the next months across all the airline's touch points.
" - Interbrand press release

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  1. Absolutely boring and generic.

  2. But it looks better than the previous brandlogo. Branding and airplanes applications looks nice.

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