Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New look: NBC

NCB ID 2013

NBC is an American television network, and one of the oldest television networks in the world. At the start of this TV season, it introduced a refreshed look.

It replaces the "More Colorful" graphics introduced in 2009. That package put the emphasis on different colors, which is downplayed in this version in favour of more white space. In recent year's, NBC's famous peacock logo has been given different effects and treatments, and this package introduced a new version with a stylized glass effect.

The typography uses the Gotham-like Sweet Sans, aligning the network with some other NBC divisions that have been using that typeface for some time. That typeface has also been adopted for the NBC letters in the logo, which seems to mean they are about to give up on the lettering used since the current peacock logo was launched in 1986.

NBC ID 2012
Previous ID.

New peacock.

Old peacock.

New animated ID:

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  1. The french privatised channel, TF1, had changed some days ago its logo and on-air look. you can see it on Lenodal.

  2. The latin-american food channel, elgourmet, had changed its logo some months ago, alongside with new on-air look.

  3. e.tv, the South African most watched pivate channel, has unveiled its new name and logos for its themed channels.

  4. Some months ago, Lumbre Studio developed the new on-air look of Chello Multicanal's food channel (Canal Cocina) and other for its action channel (XTRM).

  5. Armenian Television has got a new logo.
    The previous logo read "Հ1" (H1, the H comes from Hayastan - Armenia in Armenian). It was used since probably the independence of the country.
    Their new logo is an upright "1" inside a blue square with the words "ARMENIAN PUBLIC TELEVISION" (In Armenian, of course) underneath it.
    https://www.facebook.com/PublicTVArmenia has a few promos and the new intro to their news program Haylur.