Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New logo: Rialto Channel

Rialto Channel is pay TV channel in New Zealand devoted to independent film and entertainment. Earlier this year, the channel was relaunched with a new look created by Interbrand. On-air graphics were developed by Brandspank.

The rebrand attempts open the channel up to new audiences, including those not necessarily interesting in world cinema. Interbrand had to achieve this repositioning within a tight brief, the channel wanted core elements of its logo to remain, including the typeface and the R and star combination.

Previous logo.

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Colour variations.

"Independent film has come a long way in the last 10 years, and so has the Rialto Channel. No longer just the realm of small budget productions and obscure foreign actors, the Rialto channel now features the best hand-picked cinema from around the world, including Oscar-winning films starring A-list celebrities.

To reflect its growth and the diversification of its content, the Rialto Channel needed a refresh to expand the appeal of the brand and engage new audiences. Specifically, it needed to shift the perception that it’s exclusively focused on little-known foreign films and recast itself as an entertainment channel that has something for everyone.

We were given a tight brief to work with: The name and typeface had to stay the same and the logo had to retain key elements of the brand’s old identity such as the letter “R” and a star.

With a strategy in mind to reposition Rialto as a curator of the best film from around the world, we combined the two original graphic elements into a window device that invites the audience to step through and choose from a wide range of content. The window device allows the brand to showcase the diverse range of film on offer and helps position the channel as a “storyteller” that inspires, informs and entertains through high quality documentaries and top-notch independent productions.
- Interbrand

"Taking the newly designed logo by Interbrand, and the concept of The Storyteller, we created a look that was fresh, clean and contemporary.

Created entirely in 3D we envisaged an empty but tangible environment that allowed our stories to be told. The idea of space is echoed throughout the entire treatment with our 3D environment becoming the context to house the ID's and all on-air graphic elements.

For our ID's we employed the concept of 'mis en abyme', a formal technique in which an image contains of a smaller copy of itself. Using this we visually mimicked the concept of a story within a story. Objects frozen in time hover within our space alluding to narratives and the act of storytelling.

The overall treatment and continuity across all on-air elements creates a unified and complete brand aesthetic.
" - Brandspank

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