Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New logo: Lloyd's Register

Lloyd's Register is an organisation with various activities in maritime shipping, rail, energy and management systems. It was founded in 1760 in London, where it is still head-quartered. On Sunday, December 8, it unveiled a new visual identity.

The new monogram is a cleaned-up version of the LR stamp used by the organisation's surveyors since 1884.

Previous logo.

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The old stamp.

"Richard Sadler, LR Group CEO laid out the reasons for the change: “We wanted to refresh our brand identity to reflect these changes to the market, our clients and all our stakeholders – with a logo that works in the digital age.”

“We took inspiration for our new logo from the LR stamp – the true ‘brand’ that our surveyors have stamped into steel as proof of approval since 1884. But this is not a name change – we will continue to be called Lloyd’s Register, recognising the value that the Lloyd’s name has around the world as a mark of quality.”

“Our new identity reflects our heritage and our continued commitment to independence, technical excellence and public benefit. And the new logo is a device that links together all the members in our group, including LRQA, making our broad service portfolio easier to navigate.”

Mark Stokes, Group Communications Director, said: “In line with our ethos of sustainability, to minimise the environmental impact we are introducing our new logo on digital items first. You will still see our old logo in use for a while on printed material and on our employee’s safety equipment which will be replaced gradually through wear and tear."
" - Press release

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