Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New German Disney Channel graphics by BDA


Back in November we reported on the logo for launch of a free-to-air version of Disney Channel in Germany. The channel launched in January with a graphics package produced by BDA Creative in Munich. They won the assignment after a pitch in the summer of 2013.

Before the launch the logo was slightly altered to add some Mickey ears in the tittle above the I. Channel idents feature moments of childlike wonder that reveal the logo. The colourful graphics make functional use of the curves in the Disney logo.

According to BDA's website, this is part of a "global rebranding". It remains to be seen if this package will be introduced in other parts of the world.


  1. The two little dots above the i are only sometimes used. But i haven't understood when, yet.
    Regards from Germany

  2. France4 has got new graphics on 1st April (yesterday).

  3. Hallo das Logo mit denn Micky Maus Ohren ist von 6-20.15 Uhr zusehen und von 20.15- 6.00 Uhr das ohne Ohren. Das hat denn Grund weil Tagsüber Kinderprogramm läuft und Abende - Nachts Erwachsenen Programm.