Friday, July 4, 2014

Monster waves new flag is one of the leading recruitment websites on the Internet. This week, on July 1, it unveiled a new brand identity.

The new logo consists of a simple wordmark with the first and last letters capitalised on a purple flag. It represents "Monster’s global footprint and represents the expanded ability to help employers and job candidates to Find Better", the last two words being Monster's slogan. There is apparently some flexibility about the flag application, the website mostly uses the straight forward wordmark.

Previous logo.

The old logo dated back to the late 90s when the company still a startup. Launched in January 1999 when The Monster Board changed its name to, it became more widely known through ads aired during the Super Bowl that month. It originally featured a stylised monster eye and a colour scheme typical of the web 1.0 era. In more recent years, the company has focused on the purple colour and the wordmark alone.

The news was buried at the bottom of a press release about two new social media tools and there isn't much further information available.

The classic Monster logo from 1999.


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  1. Dear MonsteR, The Purple Flag = AWFUL. Stay simple and clean and stick with the wordmark.