Monday, October 6, 2014

Mitel makes new connections

Mitel is a Canadian tech company, specialised in business communications solutions. Last week, the company introduced a new visual identity.

Mitel has bought several companies recently, including competitor Aastra, and the introduction of the new logo will see the Mitel name adopted for these acquisitions. The old Mitel logo dated back to the 70s.

Previous logo.

"The new brand has a fresh, contemporary feel that we believe is more approachable for customers, partners and employees. And it signifies that Mitel is a software company that provides business communications solutions. Most importantly, it tells our brand promise to power connections – business connections that help our customers and partner succeed. The very reason we are in business." - CMO Martyn Etherington in a blog post

No credit was given, but Mitel says the new brand identity was developed in "close consultation with customers, partners, and employees".

Press release

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  1. Sad. Not only a weak logo, but one that was copied?