Monday, November 3, 2014

Chartered Institute of Marketing launches new identity

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is a UK professional organisation for people who work in marketing. Last week they unveiled a new visual identity. A detailed blog post suggests it was developed in-house over a period spanning one year.

Staying true to the institute's professional values, the redesign was preceded by months of in-depth research. Still, the problems identified with the old logo were largely functional. It was hard to make out the initials, the crest had an odd placement and the application was inconsistent.

CIM set out create a new identity that was up-to-date and with its values and worked in a digital environment. The crest was simplified and a new colour palette of royal blue, aqua and silver was adopted. The new logo uses in-line typography as a metaphor for collaboration. The crest, the logo and a wordmark with the full name can be combined as needed.

Previous logo.

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Old crest/new crest.

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