Monday, January 26, 2015

New Quick logo does more

Quick is France's second largest restaurant chain with additional restaurants in Belgium and Luxembourg. It specialises in hamburgers and is thus a sort of local alternative to McDonald's. It started 2015 by introducing a comprehensive new communications platform, which includes a refreshed visual identity, designed by Carré Noir.

The new communication platform is summed up by the claim "the taste to do more", which stands for Quick's willingness to do more for its costumers.

A press release says the new logo is more modern and impacting. It drops the archaic stylised roof, but keeps the well-recognised Q and the colour red. It comes with a new design for its restaurants.

Previous logo.

This is Quick's first logo update in over twenty years. The previous version was designed by Minale Design Strategy and introduced around 1993.

The new logo was announced on January 5 and launched the next day online. In addition to Carré Noir, who redesigned the logo, Quick also worked with Jésus for the ad campaign, The Brand Nation for the communication platform and architect firm Archange for the restaurant decorations.

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Press release (archive)
Press dossier (archive)

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