Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fun and surprising branding for VTMKzoom

VTMKzoom is a Belgian children's channel, owned by Flemish media group Medialaan which also owns the region's leading commercial TV channel VTM. Last month, VTMKzoom launched a new graphics package with a new logo, all designed by French broadcast design agency Gédéon with audio by La Plage Records.

The package uses fast and bright graphics to create a fun and engaging brand environment.

A montage of the new graphics package can be seen here.

Previous logo.

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From Gédéon:
"Once again, MEDIALAAN and GÉDÉON worked together. This time, it’s about VTM's baby: VTMKZOOM, the Flemish channel for children. More than a TV brand, VTMKZOOM is a 360-degree entertainment brand!

The keystone of our system is Fun. During production, we also kept in mind that designing for kids does not mean lowering our requirements. On the contrary: children want and deserve modern and sharp design.

GÉDÉON produced a complete toolkit to create new surprises everyday: astonishing frameworks, fluid and refined animations, fluorescent colours, ethereal sound design, and lots of graphical links with the parent brand, VTM. Please give a warm welcome to the new baby!

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Art Director: Nicolas Lhomme
Motion Designer: Stéphane Gibert
Sound Design: La Plage Records
Producers: Emmanuelle Lacaze & Charlotte Vande Vyvre

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