Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Suez Environnement starts revolution with new logo

Suez Environnement is one of the world leaders in water treatment and waste management, formed in 2008 as a spinoff from French energy company GDF-Suez, but consisting of various merged and acquired companies. In addition to the corporate name, the company has been active under brands such as Sita, Degrémont, Agbar, Aqualogy, Lyonnaise des Eaux, United Water, Ondeo and Safege.

Last week, they were all united under the Suez Environnement name, when a new corporate identity was launched. Its design is credited to French agency Saguez & Partners. The new symbol is a stylised S that also resembles an infinity symbol, thereby embodying recycling. It also contains three C's, for "circular, concrete and collaboration".

In addition to creating unified identity, the exercise is also intended to communicate that Suez is all about sustainable management of resources, a convergence of its different business areas. It is launched with a campaign dubbed the 'resource revolution' that tells stories about how Suez recycles waste.

Previous logo.

The old logo was introduced at the time of the spin-off in 2008 and was designed to accommodate subsidiary logos in the empty pink circle. The 'Suez' script was inherited from an older corporate identity created for what is now GDF-Suez.

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Cover of a brochure launching the new brand.

From a press release:
The change to a single brand will support the Group's strategy, based on four essential pillars: Smart Water and new services, industry, waste-to-energy and international growth. It will consolidate the Group's positioning as one of the key play ers in the resource revolution and will allow it to achieve its stated ambitions.

Until now, the Group has been organised around two major activities: water and waste. But today, the Group's positioning focuses on the sustainable management of resources, through four main activities: the management of the extended water cycle, the recycling and reuse of waste, water treatment solutions and consulting services for sustainable urban and regional development.

In a world facing high demographic growth - by 2030 the planet's population will reach 9 billion people, living mainly in cities - our activities, the management and distribution of water, the management and recovery of waste, and, more globally, the management of natural resource s, are at the very heart of the challenges of the 21st century.

"The resource revolution will bring about a major and deep-seated transformation of our societies, much like the industrial or digital revolutions. So the Group must be ready to meet its customers' future needs and converge its activities in order to anticipate and support these changes. As a leading player in the circular economy, we must allow this revolution to benefit from our expertise by offering a global solution for optimised resource management. Now the 80,000 employee s will embody this mission with pride and conviction under a single brand, SUEZ environnement." declared Jean Louis Chaussade, Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ environnement


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