Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A solid B for Roland Berger

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is a consultancy network that helps businesses around the world with their strategies. It is head-quartered in Munich and has around 50 branch offices. Yesterday, it launched a new corporate identity, reportedly created with Hamburg-based ad agency Jung von Matt.

The core logo consists of a "titanium B", representing "excellence and strength", and a simple wordmark. It is supported by a "liquid B" which can be filled with colours or imagery.

Previous logo.

A long video to introduce the new identity:

From a press release:

"The consulting firm Roland Berger has rebranded its business. A "titanium B" combined with the "Roland Berger" lettering constitutes the new logo of the leading international consultancy of European origin. The new brand is an assertive demonstration of the company's successful evolution: Roland Berger has realigned its business and consistently broadened its portfolio beyond the scope of classic strategy consulting. Today, the partnership provides high-value-adding services as an integral business advisor via a new combination of consulting, technology and capital. Initiatives like the company's new European digital platform Terra Numerata™ demonstrate its expertise in digitization, new technologies and new business models. As the expression of its new corporate identity, Roland Berger is renewing its brand at a strategically significant juncture in the company's history – for the third time since the company was founded almost 50 years ago.

"At Roland Berger, we are convinced that in today's disruptive times, our clients need game-changing and value-oriented advisors to succeed in their markets," said Charles-Edouard Bouée, Roland Berger's CEO. "The rebranding of our business is evidence of how Roland Berger holds true to its vision and value proposition of being always one step ahead and creating value for our clients by offering game-changing insights."

The striking "titanium B" stands for excellence and strength. Titanium is a tough, high-grade metal used in numerous branches of industry (such as transportation or pharmaceuticals and healthcare) where it is alloyed with many other elements. As such, it also represents Roland Berger's agility, adaptability and resilience and the firm's strong motivation to work with clients and external partners across different industries and countries to develop solutions.

Besides the "titanium B" as the basic logo, the new "liquid B" can also be filled with colors, pictures or even videos to become a flexible symbol of the diverse business lines and areas of expertise the firm offers, providing a visual emphasis of the company's extended value proposition.

There's also a dedicated site that presents the new brand.

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