Monday, September 28, 2015

TBS previews new logo

TBS is one of the oldest cable TV stations in the United States, started by Ted Turner back in the 70s. It's focus has shifted through the years, but these days it is firmly positioned as a mainstream comedy channel, with sitcoms in primetime and Conan O'Brien later on. Recently, it has trialled a new logo, a version of which can be seen above.

Various version of the logo have been popping up sporadically at least since August, when new promos for the upcoming show Full Frontal were released. In mid-September, it was introduced on TBS's social media accounts, making the change more or less official, even if the logo is still not used on-air or on the official website. The version seen above is the one used on the social media profiles, but it will presumably take on many different textures and colour schemes later on.

Previous logo.

The old logo was introduced in 2004, along with a shift towards comedy programming under the "Very funny" tagline.

No word yet on who designed the new logo or when it will actually launch in full. Stay tuned.

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Still from a promo featuring the new logo.

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