Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A new tower in Tours

Tours is a city in France, the administrative centre of the Indre-et-Loire department. It has a long history stretching back to Gallic times. With 135,000 inhabitants, its municipality ranks 27 in population in France, although the metropolitan area where Tours is the centre has about 480,000 inhabitants. A week ago, the city presented a new logo.

What's most remarkable about this new logo is the one it replaces. Reportedly introduced in 1987, it consisted of a tower, inside a grid with a rainbow coming out of it. It screamed 80s design experiment and the city has been moving away from it over time.

The new logo is far more functional, dominated by a wordmark, with the old tower abstracted to three shapes in the middle, in colours related to the city and the region. An accompanying press release says it should convey a range of values, such as charm, elegance, revival, fluidity, innovation, movement and a balance between tradition and modernity.

Previous logo.

Full guidelines can be downloaded here

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Press release

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