Thursday, January 14, 2016

Italy's telco gathers all activities under TIM brand

Italy's incumbent telco Telecom Italia launched a major rebrand effort yesterday which will see most of its consumer-facing activities merge under one name. TIM (once short for Telecom Italia Mobile) used to be the brand name for mobile services, but will now replace the Telecom Italia brand which has been relegated to corporate functions.

The company also revealed a new TIM symbol which it say will better express its focus on the future. It signifies a transformation from a phone carrier to "an industrial and technological player able to offer innovative products and services through the development of enabling platforms".

The move follows similar changes at other telcos around Europe, most notably France Telecom which changed its name to Orange in 2013.

Previous logo.

A silent animation of the old Telecom Italia and TIM logos being transformed into the new logo:

From a press release:
Today’s presentation in Rome revealed the new, modern and simple TIM symbol which better expresses the values and characteristics of a company focused on the future.

“Today, we are celebrating an important step in the renewal of our corporate identity” - Telecom Italia Group’s Chief Executive Officer Marco Patuano underlined -. We have decided to merge the commercial offers of all our market segments under the name of TIM, creating a unified brand that combines the solidity and size of Telecom Italia with the innovative characteristics of TIM. A fusion that reflects a concrete phenomenon: the fixed-mobile convergence, enabled by the internet, new devices, technology and digital platforms. As from today, we will combine the best of TIM and Telecom Italia with a new logo that also marks an important change in the redefinition of our role: from pure telephone operator to an industrial and technological player able to offer innovative products and services through the development of enabling platforms: from fixed and mobile ultrabroadband networks to cloud computing through to new generation information technology”.

This significant transformation of the TIM identity goes hand in hand with an institutional campaign involving testimonial advertisements starring three influential spokesmen: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Fabio Fazio and Pierfrancesco Diliberto, stage name Pif. Through their viewpoints, the advertisements will highlight the opportunities granted by the new connected world, thanks to the innovation offered by TIM.

The original TIM logo can be seen below. Telecom Italia has made a detailed logo timeline available on its website.

TIM brand page
TIM press release

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