Monday, June 20, 2016

Philippine's PLDT adopts three-sided logo for two brands

PLDT, or the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, is the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. In addition to their landline operations they also provide mobile telephony through their subsidiary Smart Communications. Last week, both PLDT and Smart launched new corporate identities with matching logos. At the same time, the company has abandoned its long-winded full name to use PLDT as its legal name.

The new triangle-shaped logo symbolises the "powerful convergence of PLDT and Smart", as well as the Greek letter Delta, which apparently means change. Its is decidedly more contemporary than the two logos it replaces.

Previous logo.

The old PLDT reportedly dates back to the 1990s. Smart used to have a logo that matched the old PLDT logo somewhat, but changed it in 2011.

"The new logo symbolizes the powerful convergence of PLDT and Smart, combining fixed and wireless technologies to serve individual and enterprise customers.

The new PLDT and Smart logo is shaped like a triangle with the three sides representing the Company's business pillars - exceptional people, meaningful innovations, and our valuable customers.

The triangle is also the symbol for Delta, the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, which stands for “Change”.

"Taken together, these three pillars create tremendous energy that will enable our customers to achieve their limitless potential. The triangle’s three sides support each other. Thus, an inherent strength flows harmoniously among the sides to sustain the structure," Pangilinan said.

The new logo replaces the iconic 33-year old PLDT logo which was formed through a repetition of the abstract figure of the telephone receiver to complete four sides. Smart has also changed its logo.
" - from a press release (archive)

New Smart logo.

Old Smart logo.

A long and "epic" logo launch video. Make sure your subwoofer is turned on!

Smart (archive)

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