Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Brand Union lays out plans for real estate brand Dospuntos

Dospuntos is the new name for a Spanish real estate promotion organisation, described as "the new generation of real estate developers". The brand launch last month and was developed by Brand Union in Madrid.

The Spanish real estate market has struggled on the heels of the euro crisis and the new identity is part of an effort to regain popular trust as the market recovers. The name comes from the Spanish word for the colon mark and features a whimsical logotype and a use of lines that resemble a floor plan.

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Some details from Brand Union:

The visual identity uses unique iconography that along, with the logotype, build a differentiating look and feel, supporting the strategic business approach.
  • A logotype that is relevant but as direct and self-explanatory as possible
  • An iconic and flexible graphic device – our own “floor plan” that articulates our visual communication
  • A colour palette that has three main colours building consistency but also flexibility, attending to different locations and customer profiles, as well as being differentiating from competitors
  • A typographic family that enables conversation with our customers and partners that feels less corporate and more editorial – as we want to speak, but also to listen to them
  • A full range of icons and a defined image style build in the same direction: a specific personality that defines us

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Thanks to Branzai for the tip!

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