Monday, July 4, 2016

Bright brand for newly spun off energy company Innogy

German energy concern RWE is about to spin off its renewables, distribution and retail divisions into a separate company. On Wednesday last week (July 29), it was announced that the company would be called Innogy.

The name Innogy is a combination of "innovation, energy and technology". Its new brand identity is described as colourful, cheerful and positive. The company symbol is a lowercase 'I' where the tittle is connected through a flexible coloured cord.

The company will start trading under the new name in September when it is rolled out in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. Other markets will follow later on. RWE will still be used as the name for the remaining company.

RWE logo.

When developing the new brand the company focused in particular on versatility: the new “i” is animated in films and presentations and its agility stands for flexibility. In line with this, there is not only one specific brand colour – the brand will be presented in a number of very different colour environments. Terium: “The brand has as many facets as the dynamic surroundings in which we move today. Markets, players and game rules are changing. Our future competitors could be Tesla, Google and Apple. We want to have a strong say in this environment and be a leading player – with flexibility, innovative strength and creativity. That’s what innogy stands for.” - Press release

"Innogy" is a reused name, originally created in 2000 for the UK activities of National Power when that company was split up. It was only used for a couple of years before RWE bought the company and rebranded it as "NPower". RWE's renewables division has since carried the name "RWE Innogy".

Original 2000 Innogy logo.

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