Monday, October 31, 2016

Landor brands flight management company Navblue

Navblue is a new flight operations management company that launched in July this year. It was based on Airbus' earlier purchase of Navtech. The new identity was developed by Landor Associates.

The new brand has been designed to highlight how Navtech's advanced technology simplifies work life for its users. The logo is augmented by gradients that showcase the variable colours of the Sky. As a neat gimmick, Landor has also created a Sky Generator app that allows to users to create their own personal sky.

Navblue from Landor on Vimeo.

From Landor:
After a detailed study of the brand’s target audiences, Landor uncovered a key attribute that unites them: A need for exacting scientific rigor—since the smallest mistake in flight can cost so many lives—combined with a limitless passion for aviation. The place where both rigor and passion meet: the sky. To convey Airbus’s ambition, Landor helped define its brand promise, creating a tagline for the brand: Reach for the skies.

Using Airbus’ brand promise as inspiration, Landor created a full brand experience for the new brand:

  • Name: NAVBLUE
  • Visual identity: An ever-changing sky showing infinite possibilities of color and intensity, where data meets emotion.
  • Digital activation: To convey the idea that the sky—like every individual—is unique, Landor developed the Sky Generator. The app allows anyone—from employee to client—to create a unique personal sky image generated from their own individual data.
  • Photographic style: Turned toward the sky, with the management team looking upward, NAVBLUE’s imagery is a far cry from traditional corporate photography.
  • Website navigation: Focused on upward trajectory, an upward scroll action replaces the usual downward website scroll.

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