Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mr B & Friends create hassle free student housing brand Host

Victoria Hall Management, a British company that provides student accommodation was rebranded earlier this month as Host. The new identity – including name, positioning, visuals and website – was developed by Mr B & Friends.

The new brand should be more clearer and more functional, with a focus on its core mission of providing housing to students. In addition to the simple logo, the agency also developed the letter H into a pause sign that is filled with fun and appropriate images.

Previous logo.

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From a press release:
The new brand positioning is centred around ease and hassle free customer experience while the new name Host – which perfectly describes the brand purpose - is derived from a functional idea: homes for students. This, along with the new logo has been registered as a trademark.

Agency CEO Simon Barbato comments: “The purpose built student accommodation market is burgeoning in the UK and to remain relevant, Victoria Hall Management Ltd needed to transform. Other providers are using brand as a competitive advantage and therefore making this brand distinctive was a challenge. Our strategic solution and name was the perfect platform for the company to relaunch, refresh and renew their proposition. We are delighted to be able to help Victoria Hall Management Ltd achieve a stunning new brand.”

The visual identity system, guidelines and website was led by Senior Designer Tom Shenton: “We created an iconic branding system using the H ‘pause’ device with playful imagery and key messages. Tone of voice and language play a huge part in creating cut-through to an often hard to engage audience consisting of domestic and international students. We’re really delighted with the client’s open-mindedness to where next thinking.”

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