Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Axway transforms with Landor-designed identity

Axway is a French enterprise software company. Earlier this month, on November 3, it launched a new corporate identity, created by Landor Associates.

The company brands itself as "a catalyst for transformation", highlighting how its solutions help companies develop. This is expressed through the new tagline "Imagination takes shape" and a new symbol, which is an abstract interpretation of a griffin.

Previous logo.

The new Axway brand identity developed in collaboration with Landor, a leading global brand and design consultancy, introduces the new tagline Imagination takes shape, an eye-catching logo, a fresh visual expression, and a redesigned website. The new tagline underscores Axway’s commitment to helping organizations capitalize on untapped potential by strengthening their capabilities and transforming innovations into real, revolutionary business results. Axway’s logo draws from the legendary griffin, a visionary creature with the rear body of a lion and the head and upper body of an eagle, to celebrate two powerful elements—Axway and its customers—uniting to achieve success. This strong symbol perfectly embodies the essence of the Axway brand, fusing stability and reliability with an open-minded, bold vision for the future. - Landor (archive)

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