Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Troika creates natural look for Sundance Cinemas

Sundance Cinemas is a small but high profile American cinema chain. Originally established by Robert Redford's Sundance Group, it was sold to Carmike Cinemas last year. Recently, it launched a new brand identity, created by Hollywood-based Troika that includes a new logo, posters, animations and environmental design.

The cinemas have been rebranded to fit better with the overall Sundance brand and its intimate and less commercial profile. Graphically, this was achieved through use of earth tones and different patterns inspired by nature.

Previous logo.

From a press release:
[Rob Collins, Chief Marketing Officer at Carmike Cinemas] stated, “We really wanted to revitalize the unique brand that is Sundance Cinemas through this project, and saw it as an opportunity to leverage founder Robert Redford’s vision. We landed on several key ideas: a shared spirit, intimate atmosphere, and a connection to the natural environment which is such an inspiration for creative expression,” Collins stated. “The physical spaces and décor of our Cinemas have always reflected that from an experiential standpoint. Now the supporting marketing elements and the online customer journey better match the experience.”

Collins identified the need to improve the customer experience and better leverage the Sundance connection. He sought out Hollywood-based branding and integrated marketing agency, Troika, who was very familiar with the Sundance Brands. The goal was to ensure that the attributes of the Sundance brand were reflected in the Cinemas and to create a dynamic, intimate brand that would be more engaging and relevant for its consumers.

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Reid Thompson, Creative Director at Troika stated, “We are excited to see the new Sundance Cinemas brand come to life! We elevated the look and feel across all audiences’ touchpoints to position the brand as a uniquely thoughtful and appealing destination for modern movie-goers.”

Designed in partnership with Troika, the rebrand utilizes an earthy color scheme. It details patterns inspired by nature, drawn from trees, water, light, movement, and rock found in locations that range from the Sundance Cinemas theatres themselves, to theatre city surroundings, the Sundance Resort, and the great American west.

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