Friday, November 4, 2016

Zendesk puts together new identity

Zendesk is a company that provider costumer support software and cloud services. You may well have used a Zendesk product if you've used online costumer support. Over time, the company has expanded into other costumer relations products. Last week, the company launched a new corporate identity.

The old look visually embraced "zen" with a lotus flower/heart symbol and a Buddha mascot. The new logo is made up "relationshapes", different shapes representing clients and costumers fitting together. Each product has been given its own icon, with the main symbol representing the whole offering.

Previous logo.

From a press release:
Zendesk’s redesign reflects the company’s expansion beyond customer service. Called “Relationshapes,” the brand system represents each of Zendesk’s seven products with a logo showing the interaction of two simple shapes. Symbolizing the business and the customer, these shapes have unique personalities and relationships.

While each product has a unique identity, they fit together into a greater whole that is represented by the new Zendesk company logo. The logo is a large Z comprised of the individual shapes connecting together.

“Staying true to our roots, we drew inspiration from the simple language of shapes in Danish design,” said Toke Nygaard, Zendesk’s chief creative officer. “We wanted to create a new brand with personality and flexibility that embraced our focus on improving customer relationships.”

Zendesk has put together two neat videos about their new brand. The first one explains the new brand positioning succinctly:

The other delves deeper into the rebranding process:

Zendesk blog 1
Zendesk blog 2

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  1. It is incredible how a new logo can completely change the emotions and response you have to a certain company.