Tuesday, December 6, 2016

ConAgra launches leafy logo after spinoff

ConAgra Foods, one of the larger owners of consumer food brands in the United States, changed its name to ConAgra brands last month (November 10). This marked its spin-off of the potato business Lamb Weston. Remaining with ConAgra are most of its famous brands including Hunt's, Reddi Wip, Slim Jim and Swiss Miss.

The logo above was launched with the new name, featuring a multicoloured leafy symbol, presumably representing different elements or ingredients.

Previous logo.

The old logo was designed by Beiley Lauerman and introduced in 2009 as part of another effort to make the company appear friendlier. In recent years, the "smiling plate" has been dropped and the wordmark used alone.

Although this news is almost a month old, there doesn't seem to have been any reports on who designed the new logo.


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