Monday, January 16, 2017

Combined logo for VodafoneZiggo

The largest cable TV operator in the Netherlands, Ziggo, was bought by Vodafone last year. A week ago, the combined company revealed its combined identity, VodafoneZiggo, which will be used at a corporate level in the Netherlands. The old brands will still be used for their respective products.

Both Vodafone and Ziggo are well established brands with distinct identities. The combined "Franken logo" merely places them next to each other, with a red-orange line underneath to unite them.

nieuwe logo Vodafone en Ziggo

nieuwe logo Vodafone en Ziggo

nieuwe logo Vodafone en Ziggo


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  1. Ziggo wasn´t bought by Vodafone but they merged on a 50/50 base whereby Liberty Global (parent company of Ziggo) received money from Vodafone PLC (parent company of Vodafone Libertel NV) because their venture was worth more than Vodafone´s to equal their stakes in the new created Vodafone Ziggo NV.