Monday, January 9, 2017

Hulsbosch created lively look for McGrath Foundation

McGrath Foundation is a breast cancer charity in Australia. At the end of last year, they introduced a new brand identity, developed pro bono by Hulsbosch.

The new logo features a motif dubbed the 'life force', representing "the continuing experience of all those touched by breast cancer". Collaterals make heavy use of pink a similar colours, with imagery and messaging that promotes the friendly brand of care that the organisation provides.

Previous logo.

From a press release:
The bold graphic of the ‘life force’ represents the continuing experience of all those touched by breast cancer and the optimism that is synonymous with the McGrath Foundation.
“While the life force expresses what we have always stood for – the embrace of care, support and community – we haven’t forgotten our passion for cricket, an updated stumps logo will be used for all of our cricket campaigns. The ‘life force’ embodies Jane’s legacy that every family experiencing breast cancer, has the support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse. No matter where they live – for free’, said McGrath Foundation’s CEO, Petra Buchanan.

A new colour palette evolves Jane McGrath’s favourite colour, pink. A moodier hot pink is paired with the richness of aubergine and secondary colours red, purple, soft blue and soft pink bring versatility and expressiveness to the McGrath Foundation look and feel.


Founder and Chairman, Glenn McGrath says the new look represents the evolving journey of the McGrath Foundation, and Jane McGrath’s enduring legacy.

“The new McGrath Foundation logo represents the warm embrace of the care and support provided by McGrath Breast Care Nurses, and also reflects the energy and vitality of supporters, and friends of the McGrath Foundation. The new logo not only reflects the help our McGrath Breast Care Nurses give to families right across Australia but also ways that the McGrath Foundation continues to grow and innovate”, said Glenn.

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