Monday, February 6, 2017

Mr B & Friends rebrands TechBenefits

TechBenefits is an employee benefits service that allows employers to include electronics as part of their salary. The employees decide if they want a laptop or a TV through a dedicated website. The visual identity was developed by Mr B and Friends.

An earlier icon featured a jumping man, which was updated and simplified. The visual language is dominated by bright colours and has been applied to a new responsive website, also developed by Mr B and Friends.

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From a press release:
Mr B & Friends explored territories for the brand, working collaboratively with the TechBenefits team, before developing the brand idea and proposition of ‘sacrifice nothing.’ The Mr B & Friends creative team led by Richardson and Design Director Sheena Mistry developing a refreshed identity, tone of voice, palette and visual language that was full of wit and energy. The identity system features a jumping man icon, evolved from an earlier marque. With this as our basis, the agency art directed a range of new product imagery featuring the beautiful technology on offer. Using a combination of these images, lifestyle shots and some playful illustrations of the team, the brand style started to take shape.

“We knew from the very start that a seamless digital experience was very important for both employees interested in sourcing new tech, and for employers looking to motivate staff. Following meetings with the team and UX workshops we were able to build experiences for both employees and employers as well as a completely new shop and product pages. This along with a ‘tech-tip’ style blog, keeps content fresh, and up-to-date” says Mr B & Friends Design Director, Sheena Mistry.

Of the website, Rob Lowe, Mr B & Friends Digital Director says: “Hidden behind the design of the TechBenefits website is a bespoke eCommerce platform developed using open source web technologies. Powered by the Laravel PHP framework, the shop has been crafted from the ground up to meet the demands of TechBenefits’ unique order processing model.

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