Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Unifying symbol for Getinge

Getinge is a Sweden-based medical technology company. It has expanded through acquisition, creating an unnecessarily broad portfolio of brand names. Last week, it announced that it would unite all its divisions under the Getinge brand, introducing a fresh new symbol at the same time.

This takes the company from a multi-brand to a single brand strategy. Getinge had previously been an endorser brand, but will now be the main brand, with some legacy brands such a Macquet being kept as sub-brands.

Previous logo.

From a press release:
All the group’s products will carry the Getinge logo in the future. The redesigned company logo is accompanied by a new identity and tonality that contribute to reinforcing the customer-centric face of Getinge. Some of the current brands within the Getinge Group, such as Maquet, will become product family names under the Getinge master brand.

“Unifying the company under one brand is in line with our ongoing transformation program that aims at making Getinge even more market and customer-centric. The single brand approach will also continue to reinforce our position as a leading global medtech company,” says Joacim Lindoff, Acting President & CEO at Getting.

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