Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hulsbosch brands property group Dexus

Dexus is one of Australia's leading property group's, owning real estate in retail, office and industry. They recently launched a new visual identity, developed by Hulsbosch.

The new identity aims to raise awareness about the company so that it can highlight its various services and benefits to current and potential costumers. Visually, the identity has been designed to work for many different properties, which is reflected in the rectangle next to the word mark that can contain different colours.

From a press release:
For Dexus, the new brand provides an opportunity to lift awareness, shift sector perception and enhance value by demonstrating the company’s point of difference in an undifferentiated market.

Deborah Coakley, Executive General Manager, Customer and Marketing at Dexus said: “Dexus has introduced the new look and feel to align with who we are today and where the business is heading.

“The brand reinforces Dexus as a property group that is innovative and customer focused. We bring multiple perspectives together to find better ways to shape workspaces, now and in the future.”

Hulsbosch developed a strategic platform based on an action-oriented culture and from this foundation the new brand identity speaks with authority about the group’s courage to innovate; approach to listening, learning, understanding and responding; and making the complex simple.

Jaid Hulsbosch, Director at Hulsbosch said: “Dexus has evolved as a brand and become more customer centric; they came to Hulsbosch wanting to understand and embrace the future. Our creative idea had to crossover location borders, ensure adaptability across office, industrial and retail properties, as well as visually bring something different to the business.

“The rebrand is ambitious, innovative and reflective of a time of transformation for Dexus. Our solution enables them to connect with their customers and communities in a way that is meaningful.

“Hulsbosch has delivered a brand platform that will help grow awareness of the business and differentiate Dexus in the marketplace.”

Dexus has a property investment and management portfolio valued at over $22bn that spans office, industrial and retail properties.

The property group is also going to market with the broader more public-facing experience brand ‘Workspace Dexus’, capturing the essence of where and how the corporate brand lives for its customers, in both the immediate and broader concept of ‘the workspace’.

Dexus is reimagining the concept of a workspace community, providing value-add services for their customers like car sharing and parking solutions, childcare, and flexible meeting and training facilities.

Dexus has worked with creative agency Hulsbosch on the brand development, with the new branding being phased-in to its buildings over the coming months.

Hulsbosch Credits:
Hans Hulsbosch: Executive Creative Director
Jaid Hulsbosch: Director
Brent Heatley, Strategy Director
Benni Weller, Dean Hazelgrove, Paul Principe: Designers
Clare Bailey: Client Services Director

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